It’s The Way You Slice The Fish That Matters September 20, 2015

Mention the word sashimi in polite conversation and you immediately polarize those around you into the raw fish haters and those that revel in the taste of all things Japanese. Talk some more and you will soon see the main misconception we have about sashimi come to the surface.

In the west, sashimi and raw sushi have become interchangeable, but for the Japanese themselves, they are two very distinct styles of food. While sushi will include raw fish, it also comprises other ingredients such as rice and seaweed. Sashimi lets the raw fish do all the talking.

It refers to the way the fish and meat are cut very thinly and then displayed on the serving plate. Normally sashimi would be the first course in a meal, but it can also be a main course when served with miso soup and rice. In this instance the rice and soup will be served in separate bowls so as to not take anything away from the sashimi.

The roots of the word sashimi are lost in time. A literal translation means pierced body and this could refer to the way the tail of the fish is sometimes inserted back into the thin slices or to the way the fish is pierced with a spike to kill it when first caught.
Understanding is key, of course. If you are in a Japanese restaurant, ask for sashimi if you want delicately sliced raw meats and fish on their own. If you want to experience a wider range of tastes, ask for raw sushi instead.

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The Right Way To Eat Sushi Austin TX June 30, 2015

If you are going to a sushi restaurant for the first time, you may not be aware how to eat sushi. However, you may get away with this hurdle by adhering to the right way to eat sushi while visiting best sushi bars. Simply follow the below advice and you will be able to relish sushi in the right manner.

When you get into the restaurant, enter with a smile while the chef at the hotel welcomes you in the Japanese language. Before you start eating the dish, say Irasshai; it is a Japanese tradition to say thanks to those who made the meal. If you want to taste nigiri and sashimi, sit at the sushi bar.

Sitting at the table will be the right choice if you are ordering only rolls. While ordering sushi in Austin TX, it is best to say Omakase (it means I leave it up to you) to the chef. Since the chef knows what is best, he will offer you the best sushi recipe.

As a rule of thumb, start with a lighter fish and then move onto darker ones. You may use chopsticks or fingers to eat the recipe; there is no hard and fast rule. Make sure you take one or two bites to eat nigiri or sashimi.

It is preferable to eat ginger between the pieces. As well as cleansing your palette, ginger works as an anti-bacterial agent against parasites that could come with consuming raw fish. To enhance the taste, dip the pieces into soy sauce before eating.

When you have finished eating sushi Austin TX, put the chopsticks horizontally at the chopstick rest. Nod your head to the chef as a token of appreciation and pay the bill. If you follow these simple tips, you will enhance your sushi eating experience whenever you visit a sushi bar.

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